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Live-in Care

At OTB Care Services we believe that having the appropriate care/support services at your disposal, being in the comfort of your own home is the best thing that can ever happen to you, that is why we support all our clients and their families to make their decision of staying at home comforting.

Our live-in care service provides you with the guarantee of a 24-hour support in the comfort of their own home. It makes a massive distinction to the lives of our clients with that experienced, committed, passionate and special people who are always with you round the clock, offering a quality, excellent and professional care and support.

We are dedicated to confirming that all our live-in carers are suitably skilled and proficient and they are sent on refresher course programmes; this we do to make sure they are up to task.

All the live-in care and support services that we provide are shaped in a way that we put you into consideration; by fitting naturally into our client’s needs and situation.  This will afford all our clients the opportunity of having a life of their own, sovereign, living a healthy and happy life, live as they would have loved to in their own homes while carers are around and full of hopes & aspiration for tomorrow.


Our live-in care services include:
• Passionate to keep company and entertaining
• Support with going out to do activities in the community
• Support with going for appointments
• Social care and support
• Preparing meals and support with eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea
• Effectively providing prompt, reminders and administering medication
• Giving personal care and other
• Doing laundry & shopping
• Making appointments, maintaining records & keeping diaries


Live-in care choices that we provide
• Short term – this is for a number of days only to make things simpler perhaps for an occasion or urgent situation
• Long term – this is having a residential care in the comfort of your own home
• Convalescence/Recuperation care – recuperation care is specialised to individual needs as you arrive back following an ill health or a return from an hospital stay
• Respite – we provide this service for you so that the family carer will have their long awaited break.

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